Unlock your limitless possibilities

To date I have a 90% success rate in making a positive shift in others in one session.

Unlocking their true potential by removing the limiting belief or past experience, which holds them back to experience a brighter future.

Neuro linguistic programming.

“The heart was created before the mind. It’s in the feeling that drives people to impact others in a positive way” – Yusuf Mohamed

Free yourself from self-doubt, fear, and anxiety Achieve your dreams in less time than you ever thought possible
Accelerate personal growth and healing Help your loved ones through difficult times
Make smarter personal or professional decisions Get yourself out of mental or physical negative states
Help your children obtain better grades Unlock your inner potential
Help sports people achieve greater results Build up self-confidence
Help trauma Help with relationship problems

People always ask me what is NLP about. The best way to explain it is a garden that has lots of overgrown weeds, and therefore requires removal thereof, and re-landscaping. So think of a garden as your mind. Nurture it, and love it! I have placed an audio below for your convenience should you prefer it. Warm Regards – Yusuf Mohamed  

The Gardener 

It was twilight when the Gardener awoke, the sun was still to rise and she had a strange feeling that she had been asleep for a very long time, “How long have I been asleep? I have the sense that something important has been neglected.” As the first rays of the sun beamed in through the window the Gardener suddenly came to her senses, bolt awake. “My Garden! I have neglected my Garden, how long has it lain unattended?” With new vigour in her step she set off down the path to the Garden gate, opened it and went inside. Weeds had tangled through the landscape, the water fountain had crumbled and rocks from the rockery had tumbled and lay at random. There were no flowers nor the sound of birds, and a dark shadow had cast itself upon the Garden from all the vines that now strangled the trees. The Gardener was stunned at the neglect and set to work immediately, slowly and diligently clearing out the weeds by the root, cutting down the vines to open space for the sun to shine in. She gathered the tumbled rocks and placed them in a pile together, cleared away the crumbled water fountain and tilled the earth. She then stepped back and took a moment to reflect on this raw landscape, now a bare canvas. A sense of release and peace started to flow through her being and with this new state, ideas and visions started to flood in and so she set to work on the vision he now had for the Garden. She enriched the soil with compost and nutrients and planted flowing flower beds with flowers that bloomed in a multitude of cascading colours, dotted with rich green shrubs. She organised the pile of stones back into a strong and sturdy rockery where she placed bird feed trays to invite song back to the Garden. Next she mended the water pump and sculpted out a new fountain that bubbled forth in a brilliant display, reflecting back the sun. She also decided it would be a good idea to put in a garden bench for herself so that she would always have a place to sit in this space from where she could observe and care for her Garden. Once the work was done the Gardener sat on her bench in her newly created paradise, listening to the bird song, bathing in the colours of the flowers and watching the sunlight dancing on the water, and she felt whole again, peace and joy saturated every fibre of her being and she vowed never to neglect her Garden again. By Justine Whyte

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      The Gardener

Neuro linguistic programming                    

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Neuro linguistic programming.

Yes we doing it together and we going to remove your limiting belief or past experience that holds you back in life.

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